• Due to high demand of Exhibition information, we will only be able to offer the information to the registered press. Press registration are mandatory and registered press are entitled to wear Press ID Card  which they will have the access to retrieve information. Every media is eligible to register to our Public Relations department.
  • To retrieve the exhibition’s Press ID Card, the media must registered itself to our Public Relations team, please obtain information from the following contact:

Press Registration Indocomtech 2013
Dyandra Promosindo – Public Relations Division
The City Tower 7th Floor Jl. MH Thamrin No.81 Jakarta 10310
Phone : +6221 31996077 ext.333
Fax : +6221 31996177/6277
Email : press.id@dyandra.com
Contact Person : Ms. Rini

  • Organizer has the full right to verify the press information
    • Press Registration Form